Practical Configuration of Traefik as a Reverse Proxy For Docker - Updated for 2023

An updated guide to configuring Traefik with Docker, with explanations of why to do each step as well as how.

2023-07-19 · 20 min · Adam

Integrating CrowdSec with Traefik & Discord

A Further Update Since writing this post I’ve now moved from using the Traefik Crowdsec Bouncer container to using a plugin-based bouncer as it performs better and is actively maintained. Update To The Update The issue with upstream proxies and the Traefik bouncer has been resolved by the maintainer. I’ll leave my fork up in case I get some more free time to work on it. I got impatient waiting for the bug with the Traefik bouncer to get fixed so I forked it and fixed it myself, as well as added a couple of extra features....

2022-01-11 · 9 min · Adam

ZeroSSL As A LetsEncrypt Alternative Using Traefik

Introduction LetsEncrypt is a fantastic service and it has quite literally revolutionised how people use TLS certificates, but having a Single Point Of Failure for these things is always a bad idea. The good news is that other providers of free certificates are starting to emerge and one of the first is ZeroSSL. Unlike LetsEncrypt they don’t rate limit, but they do require the use of External Account Binding (EAB) which means it’s not quite a drop in replacement in your config....

2020-12-20 · 2 min · Adam

Traefik Titbits

This is just a quick collection of random bits I’ve learned about Traefik since writing my original How To.

2020-10-05 · 3 min · Adam

Configure Authelia To Work With Traefik

Introduction Authelia is an open-source authentication and authorization server providing 2-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) for your applications via a web portal. It’s ideal if you want to make your self-hosted services accessible from the internet without letting every man and their dog nose through your stuff. If you haven’t got Traefik up and running yet, my guide to setting it up as a reverse proxy for Docker will help you out....

2020-09-15 · 8 min · Adam

Practical Configuration of Traefik As A Reverse Proxy For Docker

Traefik is a reverse proxy and load balancer which automatically discovers the right configuration for your docker containers based on labels you set when you create them.

2020-09-15 · 16 min · Adam