Protected Users Group Policy Bugs

So apparently members of the Protected Users group can’t edit Wired 802.1x group policy. Wireless 802.1x? Sure. Every other group policy setting? Yup. Wired 802.1x? Can’t load the snapin. Got to love the consistency there, Microsoft.

2019-11-30 · 1 min · Adam

Find Unlinked GPOs

You know how it is, you don’t pay attention to the management of your domain for just 5 or 6 years and suddenly you have hundreds of GPOs with no idea what half of them do or even if they’re actually linked somewhere. For some reason, the Powershell GPO module doesn’t have a simple cmdlet or property that lets you tell if a GPO is linked or not, because that would be far too helpful, but it’s not too hard to do if you don’t mind parsing some XML....

2014-05-30 · 3 min · Adam

A Failure of Comprehension

There are three things that almost everyone that I meet in IT seems incapable of understanding; Share Permissions vs NTFS Permissions, NTFS Full Control vs Modify permissions and Group Policy vs Local Permissions. For those who don’t know, Windows folders presented over a network via CIFS share have two levels of permissions: Share Permissions, which are mostly a lingering reminder of the pre-NTFS days, when they were only way to control access to network resources and are pretty basic with only Read, Change & Full Control available to you....

2010-11-23 · 3 min · Adam