Protected Users Group Policy Bugs

So apparently members of the Protected Users group can’t edit Wired 802.1x group policy. Wireless 802.1x? Sure. Every other group policy setting? Yup. Wired 802.1x? Can’t load the snapin. Got to love the consistency there, Microsoft.

2019-11-30 · 1 min · Adam

Failed To Restore Print Queue…Error 0x800706d9

Situation You’re using PrintBRM.exe to migrate printers between servers (or to backup and later restore them on the same server) but when it tries to restore the print queues it fails with “Failed to restore print queue <Printer name>. Error 0x800706d9” Cause PrintBRM tries to query the Windows Firewall when it creates the shares for the print queues. If the Windows Firewall service is disabled, this step fails and the print queue is not created....

2012-02-22 · 1 min · Adam

Use Eventlogs Properly!

Windows has a centralised logging facility for applications; the Windows Event Log. If you’re writing applications for Windows then for the love of God please use it properly. DO create your own event message DLL(s) where appropriate to avoid your events looking like this DO log important errors and warnings. Application failures, communication issues, invalid configuration data and the like. Things that will help administrators to troubleshoot issues that may occur....

2010-11-08 · 2 min · Adam