Practical Configuration of Traefik as a Reverse Proxy For Docker - Updated for 2023

An updated guide to configuring Traefik with Docker, with explanations of why to do each step as well as how.

2023-07-19 · 20 min · Adam

The Dockers I Have Done

As you may be aware, I’m part of where I maintain a number of Docker containers such as grav and syslog-ng but there are times when I need a container that isn’t a suitable linuxserver candidate for any number of reasons so I just publish it myself. It occurred to me that I should probably make an effort to promote them given how difficult docker discovery is on places like Docker Hub where there are hundreds of containers for any given thing, almost all of which had one image push 3 years ago and haven’t been touched since....

2021-09-07 · 2 min · Adam

Practical Configuration of Traefik As A Reverse Proxy For Docker

Traefik is a reverse proxy and load balancer which automatically discovers the right configuration for your docker containers based on labels you set when you create them.

2020-09-15 · 16 min · Adam