Long ago, in the long-distant mists of time, I ran my blog on Wordpress. When I moved off it to Ghost a few years back it was frankly way too much effort to try and bring all the posts with me and maintain their URLs so I just left the old site up. However, as you may have seen, it looks like Automattic are going to start selling user data to AI companies for training their models on an opt-OUT basis and, even though I’m self-hosting, as I’m using plugins like Jetpack I don’t trust them not to harvest everything I’ve written to sell for their own benefit.

So, making use of https://github.com/SchumacherFM/wordpress-to-hugo-exporter, I have pulled all the important posts out of my old site and imported them here, with what is hopefully a working redirect from the old URLs.

Just in case you’re wondering where all the old posts suddenly appeared from.